Amidst the anticipation of the upcoming Olympic Games 2024 in Paris and UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and UEFA convened a workshop aimed at fortifying sports betting integrity. This collaborative effort sought to foster cross-sector cooperation between betting entities and International Federations (IFs), laying the groundwork for a unified approach to uphold the integrity of these monumental sporting events.

The workshop served as a platform for stakeholders to align strategies, exchange insights, and cultivate partnerships to safeguard the integrity of sports competitions. Representatives from the Olympic Movement Unit on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions (OM Unit PMC) and UEFA’s Anti-Match-Fixing Unit delivered enlightening presentations, unveiling their comprehensive strategies for maintaining the integrity of sporting events amidst the dynamic landscape of sports betting.

With the participation of several IFs, the workshop provided:

  • A forum for sharing experiences.
  • Gaining new perspectives.
  • Exploring innovative approaches to combatting match-fixing and irregular betting activities.
  • Breakout sessions facilitating in-depth discussions on collaboration models between sports organizations and betting entities while also delving into the latest trends shaping the sports betting landscape.

Friedrich Martens, Head of the OM Unit PMC, emphasized the indispensable role of collaboration in preserving the integrity of sporting competitions. Martens highlighted plans to collaborate closely with betting operators, associations, and regulatory authorities during the Olympic Games in Paris, leveraging information sharing to identify and address any irregular betting patterns or suspicious activities indicative of competition manipulation.

Echoing Martens’ sentiments, Vincent Ven, UEFA’s Head of Anti-Match-Fixing, underscored the organization’s commitment to implementing robust monitoring mechanisms to safeguard the integrity of UEFA Euro 2024. Ven emphasized the proactive measures undertaken by UEFA’s multi-stakeholder Anti-Match-Fixing Assessment Group to ensure real-time monitoring and swift intervention to counter any potential integrity threats during the tournament.

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