Gamble Alert, a non-profit organization focused on promoting responsible gaming, has announced a renewed partnership with BetKing, a leading betting company. This collaboration is dedicated to bolstering responsible gaming initiatives and providing essential support for those affected by gambling-related issues, such as addiction.

The partnership aims to expand on Gamble Alert’s extensive activities, which include research, public awareness campaigns, and offering crucial treatment support. BetKing’s Managing Director in Nigeria, Gossy Ukanwoke, emphasized the company’s commitment to responsible gaming, stating, “Our continuous collaboration with Gamble Alert is an ongoing commitment to prioritizing the well-being of our customers and the broader community. With this partnership, we are not only amplifying our efforts to educate players on responsible gaming but also enhancing our support systems for those grappling with gambling-related challenges.”

Ukanwoke further explained that working with Gamble Alert is a proactive approach to minimize gambling risks and establish strong safeguards within the industry. “It intends to aspire to set a new standard for responsible gaming advocacy and create a positive impact on the lives of patronizers and the community at large,” he added.

A Long-term Collaboration for Community Benefit

Fisayo Oke, the Chief Executive Officer of Gamble Alert, also highlighted the benefits of their partnership with BetKing, “BetKing and Gamble Alert have seen the value of building long-lasting partnerships to best address gambling disorders and promote responsible gaming practices. Collaborations like this are key to effectively increasing responsible gaming awareness and finding solutions that benefit the community as a whole.”

Oke pointed out that the ongoing partnership is crucial for providing assistance to those struggling with gambling addiction and related problems. By investing in responsible gambling practices, the industry can ensure that support is readily accessible, thereby contributing to the welfare of individuals and families.

Renewed Partnership for Continued Success

This year marks the third consecutive renewal of the partnership between KingMakers and Gamble Alert, which underscores their enduring commitment to responsible gaming. 

This collaboration continues to build upon the previous successes and aims to further advance their efforts in research, raising public awareness, and enhancing treatment support. This strategic alliance demonstrates a significant step forward in fostering a safer gambling environment and promoting healthier gaming behaviours within the community.

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