In a shocking turn of events in Abeokuta, Ogun State, chaos erupted after a betting agent, Abiodun Anuoluwapo, was tragically killed by a police officer’s bullet a late Friday night. The incident has sparked outrage and widespread protests among the local community.

Abiodun Anuoluwapo, a well-known figure in his community and a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, was wrapping up his day at his Bet9ja shop located in front of First Point hotel in the Imala area. Eyewitnesses allege that the police officers involved were intoxicated and emerged from the hotel just before the fatal shot was fired.

According to one witness who wished to remain anonymous, it seemed that the officers were engaged in a raid or pursuing a suspect when the deadly mistake occurred. The officer’s gunshot, described as an accidental discharge by locals, claimed Anuoluwapo’s life almost instantly.

The Aftermath and Community Uproar

Following the incident, the officers reportedly sought refuge inside the hotel, triggering a standoff. They later escaped under the cover of darkness and heavy gunfire, approximately three hours after the initial incident, around 11 pm. This action was taken to disperse the crowd of protesting youths who had gathered at the scene, demanding justice.

“The youth tried to detain the policemen responsible, but they barricaded themselves inside the hotel. It took additional police backup for them to break out, and during their escape, they fired multiple rounds, causing panic amongst everyone present,” shared another witness.

Local residents also accused the police of frequently visiting the area to drink, which might have contributed to the reckless behavior displayed on that fateful night.

Official Response and Ongoing Investigation

Omolola Odutola, the State Police Public Relations Officer, acknowledged the incident and expressed that the loss of life was deeply regrettable. The State Commissioner of Police is reportedly in close contact with all parties involved to thoroughly investigate the matter.

“We are in a difficult position to provide details at this moment, but the Commissioner has reached out to all relevant stakeholders to uncover the truth behind this tragic event,” Odutola stated.

As the investigation unfolds, the community of Abeokuta remains tense, with many calling for accountability and reforms to prevent such incidents in the future. The tragic loss of Anuoluwapo has not only highlighted the dangers of police misconduct but also the urgent need for systemic changes within the law enforcement practices in the region.

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