The National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (NLGRB) of Uganda, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, recently conducted an extensive training program across the Albertine and Northern regions of Uganda. This initiative aims to enhance the understanding and implementation of responsible gaming practices among community leaders and health workers.

The training sessions brought together key community leaders and health practitioners to deepen their knowledge about the potential harms associated with irresponsible gaming.

The NLGRB’s Responsible Gaming team spearheaded the workshops, focusing on strategies to effectively manage and mitigate the risks of problem gambling within their communities.

Uganda's Responsible Gaming Initiative Heads North
Image via NLGRB

Educating on the Hazards of Irresponsible Gambling

A significant part of the training was dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of compulsive gambling. Participants were educated on the early signs of gambling addiction and the psychological mechanisms that can lead to such behaviours. This knowledge is crucial for early intervention and providing timely support to those affected.

Empowering Health Workers

Health workers play a pivotal role in the management of problem gamblers. The training equipped them with the necessary skills and knowledge to offer appropriate interventions and support.

They were trained on therapeutic approaches that can help individuals regain control over their gambling habits and ultimately lead more balanced lives.

Encouraging Positive Parental Influence

The sessions also emphasized the importance of parental modelling in shaping children’s attitudes towards gambling. Parents were encouraged to reflect on their own gambling behaviours and their potential influence on their children.

By fostering a responsible attitude towards gambling at home, parents can significantly reduce the likelihood of their children developing harmful gambling habits.

Supporting Policy Development and Campaigns

The initiative also aims to bolster ongoing responsible gaming campaigns and inform policy improvements. By involving community leaders and health workers, the NLGRB hopes to create a robust support network that champions responsible gaming both at the grassroots and policy levels.

The training in the Albertine and Northern regions marks a significant step towards building a more informed and resilient community against the pitfalls of irresponsible gaming.

As these efforts continue, the NLGRB and the Ministry of Health are committed to promoting a responsible gaming culture that prioritises every Ugandan’s well-being. The collaborative approach ensures that the safeguards against the adverse effects of gaming are not only understood but also actively implemented across communities.

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