In the bustling atmosphere of the national conference hall, a notable assembly of Africa’s top industry figures and regulatory leaders came together under the leadership of Hon. Mmusi Kgafela, Minister of Trade and Industry. The event was a showcase of the Gambling Authority’s new initiatives aimed at encouraging responsible gambling and offering crucial support to those impacted by gambling activities.

During this pivotal event, Mr Emolemo Peter Kesitilwe, CEO of the Gambling Authority, expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders for their solid backing and underscored the importance of joint efforts in fostering responsible gambling behaviours. He emphasized that collaboration is critical to creating a safe, ethical gambling environment that benefits everyone involved.

The initiative showcased the Gambling Authority’s unwavering commitment to aligning the gambling sector with Botswana’s broader goals and visions for the future, reassuring the audience of its dedication to the nation’s progress.

“This course is not merely a professional obligation, but a moral imperative, aligning with Botswana’s National Vision 2036 and the President’s recent agenda. It’s about building a future where every individual can thrive, and where the integrity of our society remains paramount,” stated Mr. Kesitilwe. His remarks outlined a vision of a future where the gambling industry not only thrives but does so while upholding the values of the community.

With the launch of these new platforms, the Gambling Authority is setting the stage for a more accessible, empowering, and inclusive gambling environment in Botswana. This initiative marks a significant step towards creating a responsible and sustainable nationwide gambling culture.

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