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Shacks Evolution Studios has become the first iGaming studio in Africa. Naturally, it has also gained a steady footing in the African iGaming marketplace. Now, as the company’s success continues, they hope to pave the path for an African iGaming revolution.

With the huge success of online gaming and commerce over the past decades, Africa has likewise been on the rise. Generating an average profit of around $2 billion annually from online casinos and sports betting alone, the continent has grown to become a leader in the global industry.

A big issue, however, is that, because most games and software are made elsewhere, a large majority of the profit is not shared by Africans.

That’s why the success of Shacks Evolution is so important. By creating a successful platform and infrastructure and being a role model for iGaming in Africa, they can help Africa realize its own great potential as a global market leader. By reaping the benefits of the online boom, many African countries could also bring much relief to economic and social dilemmas.  

The Beginning of Shacks Evolution

Akinlaja Ayofemi co-founded Shacks Evolution in 2019, initially calling the company Paper & Spades Gaming. With extensive experience in the sports betting industry, Ayofemi and his partners created Next Evolution Soccer, a virtual sports game, after the Covid-19 pandemic brought a stop to world sports. The game was initially made for PlayStation and achieved great success. Over the past two years, the company has grown and expanded at a rapid rate.

The Offered Products & Services

Shacks Evolution Studio currently has two game titles under its mantle. Next Evolution Soccer, a popular seller, and Busly, a fast-paced and entertaining bus simulator that has done well too. The game developers are hard at work aiming to release a further four games. 

The iGaming studio has also made a name for the quality of client-friendly services and functions its products provide. Using state-of-art crypto technology for safer transactions and data privacy, the games and products provide round-the-clock customer support and many other useful in-built functions.

Future Plans

Ayofemi and Shacks Evolution Studio have ambitious plans in store for their company and for Africa at large.

As they grow, they hope to lay down the building blocks for the rest of Africa to follow suit as they lead the way. Africa has a wealth of skilled and budding developers that could bring about a huge change in the economic situations of many African countries, bringing the continent into a new era of wealth and prosperity.

This is the underlying hope and goal of Ayofemi and his exceptional team at Shacks Evolution Studio. They aim to continue improving their products and working to become a world-class iGaming software and service provider. And considering the success they have seen so far; the company seems to be on track to doing just that.

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