There’s no doubt gambling is a source of fun and entertainment for many people around the world. However, it has, and still causes harm to some other people. Fighting any kind of gambling problem is difficult, particularly at a time when sliding back to gambling is quite easy. 

For several people, conquering their gambling addiction was possible through a mix and trial of several solutions. Some even have to go through all the solutions at their disposal, yet to no avail. Solutions such as deactivating debit and credit cards, joining a therapy class, working with experts, etc. are usually explored. 

Luckily, Gamban was launched in 2016 to provide robust assistance to gamblers grappling with addiction. Gamban blocks registered players from accessing gambling sites and apps on Android, iOS, as well as Mac and Windows devices.   

Gamban has now launched in Kenya, given the shocking rise in gambling problems and the absence of a mechanism to fight them. This has been largely attributed to the lax disposition of operators to the problem. The firm has plans to also take the product to other countries in Africa where gambling is popular.

Online betting sites in Kenya is thriving, one of the biggest in Africa; with several top betting companies in Africa also present in the country. A 2018 research by Geopoll found that Kenya leads the Sub-Saharan region in terms of young gambling residents between 17 and 35 years old. Contributory to this growth is vast access to the internet in Kenya. 

Partnerships in the Interest of Gamblers

The product is a mental health solution that tackles gambling problems starting with device access, despite where you are. With the launch in Kenya, registered users have a landing page from where they can access Gamban’s services. A free 1-week trial is available to players who battle gambling issues. 

Gamban works with Kenya’s Responsible Gaming Federation led by Mr. Weldon Koros. Both organizations are focused on bringing about a reduction in gambling harms while championing deep social reorientation of players.  

Gambling operators, on the one hand, have claimed they have helped broaden the Kenyan economy via employment creation and foreign direct investments. On the other hand, they have turned a blind eye to the social and mental impacts of their business on consumers. 

KARF, in its 2017 survey, discovered that many of these operators market gambling as a way of rising to riches. They sometimes push gambling as an additional source of income they can leverage. This is likely to mislead them and trigger an irresponsible gambling culture even amongst minors.

A Case for Responsible Gambling

From Europe to North America, to Oceania, responsible gambling is not a matter of trivial concern. Responsible gambling is the bedrock of safety at any gambling site and without it, the odds are stacked against the gambler. Kenyan operators have a duty to ensure safe, harmless gambling is the case with all their offerings, both on and off-site. 

Nothing should inhibit the capacity of players to make an independent gambling decision, which is what Gamban stands for. The partnership between Gamban and the Responsible Gaming Federation of Kenya is well-positioned to set the path for responsible gambling in Kenya.

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