The Covid-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for the world at large. Land-based casinos in particular have been forced to find alternative means to compensate for huge losses. 

Online casinos, however, have thrived. And so, the inevitable and logical solution for many land-based casinos is to embrace online betting in South Africa. Such has been the case with Sun International, South Africa’s leading casino brand. 

Sunbet Goes Online

Since Sun International launched its new online betting platform, Sunbet, it has seen very promising results. While attendance at major resorts such as Sun City and the Wild Coast Sun has also been steadily improving, the rate is still far below pre-Covid levels. The company’s most recent annual financial report showed a whopping 100 percent increase in sales of shares over 2021. Their overall revenue for 2021 also totaled around R7.8 billion, a 29 percent increase from 2020. Likewise, their losses dropped, from around R156 million to just R56 million.

Although a relaxing of lockdown restrictions in South Africa helped increase attendance somewhat, the major reason for the rapid turn-around is undoubtedly thanks to Sunbet. Though the casino is still running at a loss, with the help of Sunbet, which is already available in Nigeria and Chile, a solution to their troubles appears to have been found. 

Going Online a Good Option

Other land-based casinos around the world are also beginning to see the logic of embracing the online trend. Many analysts have feared and predicted the demise of land-based casinos. After all, the daily expenses of the average casino are enormous. Running at a loss for an extended period can therefore spell almost certain doom. It has only been through great expense and ingenuity that most live casinos and resorts are still able to be open. Though possibly not for long. 

However, with the right combination and management of the land-based and online casino sectors working together, casinos could potentially become even more successful than before. Sun International, via Sunbet, for instance, is making new lucrative deals with online partners such as Playtech.

It may very well be that casino resorts and hotels will never quite enjoy the same level of attendance, at least in terms of gambling customers. However, the far greater revenue produced by an online casino and betting sector could supplement their revenue and take the brunt of their expenses. Thus, turning one of the most devastating problems to ever face casinos in their long history, into a potentially minor one. 

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