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PremierBet can be found all over Africa and has already established themselves as a local favourite in Mozambique among the sports betting enthusiasts in the country.

With generous promotions, a user-friendly betting platform and betting available in Portuguese, it is no surprise that PremierBet has become a household name in Mozambique.

  • Impressive collection of international football fixtures
  • Straightforward registration process
  • Wide variety of lotto games
  • Available in English and Portuguese
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Amazing cash prizes and jackpots
  • Lacks live casino section
  • No welcome bonus

PremierBet Mozambique Overview

PremierBet Mozambique started operations in 2016 with an impressive sportsbook consisting of top international football fixtures like the EPL. It is regulated by the Mozambican General Gaming Inspectorate. PremierBet treats its customers to handsome cash prizes with the Super6 and jackpot 15 promotion being worth trying. 

The PremierBet website is clean and easy to navigate with everything within the reach of the player. Players can begin their betting journey through a simple and straightforward registration process. Mozambique players will find the platform quite affordable with low deposit limits of MK 20. Players can engage with the company through the desktop version or download their easy-to-use app. 

There is so much on offer for a player with PremierBet’s awesome collection of top lucky games. Players are in for treats as the company constantly runs promotions in the sporting section like the amazing 10% NBA bonus.

Table of Contents

The Signup Process

Players can register to the PremierBet Mozambique platform through their main website or SMS. The process is fast and straightforward with little personal details being required. 

How to register with PremierBet Mozambique

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ button on the top right side of the screen 
  3. Fill in your phone number and create a secure password 
  4. Accept terms and conditions 
  5. Click “send registration code”

Players can also register via SMS by sending the text ‘Participate’ to 90170 using the main mobile companies like Mcel, Vodacom, and Movicel. 

PremierBet does not have a welcome bonus but they do give their new customers the chance to win an autographed Benfica shirt in a random draw. PremierBet is an official betting partner of SL Benfica and this is their way of rewarding their customers while promoting SL Benfica. 

The PremierBet Mozambique Experience

PremierBet Mozambique is a football fan’s dream house with its wide collection of exciting international gaming fixtures. The live games are streamed all week from leagues across the world. There is a lot on offer in regards to betting options with players accessing boosted odds and cashouts. PremierBet offers low deposit limits of up to MT 20 which is quite affordable for a majority of the Mozambique population. Players can make quick and instant deposits/withdrawals through vouchers or Vodacom Mpesa.

The PremierBet website is clutter-free and easy to navigate. Players can easily switch from English to Portuguese depending on which is their native language. The betting powerhouse has live statistics to help players in their live betting. The PremierBet Mozambique mobile app is well designed and optimized for mobile view. Players have within their fingertips the ability to execute various betting functions. However, it is only available for download for Android phones.

Besides, live bets players have a chance to win handsome cash prizes in various promotions run by the company. We found the Super6 to be quite innovative and engaging with the payoffs massive. It is not all football at PremierBet, players can try their luck on various lotto games. However, PremierBet Mozambique has yet to introduce slot and live casino games. PremierBet supports responsible gambling through regular checks to ascertain persons on their website are over 18 years, deposit/loss limits, and a questionnaire to gauge whether one is addicted or not. 

Sports Betting

PremierBet Mozambique’s main specialty is its impressive sportsbook of top international football fixtures. The top leagues are prominently displayed on the top part of the middle column in the sports section. Players can check out key gaming stats as well as upcoming games fixtures. 

Some of the top leagues on offer include:

  • English Premier League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • German Bundesliga 
  • Italian Serie A
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Benfica Specials 
  • Fantasy football

Players can also try their luck in a multitude of engaging sports like:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Cricket
  • Rugby 
  • American Football
  • Formula 1

PremierBet does offer live betting and this allows players to watch their favorite teams battle it out while they make live bets. PremierBet offers players the right amount of stats to help them make intelligent decisions when placing bets. Not all games have live betting with some only allowing pre-game bets. Players can also take advantage of the cash-out feature to opt-out of bets in certain preselected games where the odds are not in their favor. 


The lotto section is a kind of breather from the fast-paced live sports betting. Players are treated to various Lucky number games where they get to choose some random numbers that are run through a draw. Players with the lucky numbers get a chance to win amazing cash prizes. 

Mobile Betting

PremierBet Mozambique has a mobile app that can be downloaded as an ‘apk’ on the main website. The app allows players to execute a variety of betting functions like making deposits, withdrawals, placing bets among others.

The Mobile app is only available for download for Android phones only and is practical and easy to use. However, it is not available on the Google App store due to betting apps restrictions and iOS. 

Banking Methods

PremierBet has low deposit limits of MT 20 which makes it quite ideal for the majority of the Mozambique population. The betting house offers players two main ways to make deposits – Voucher, and Mpesa. 

How to make a deposit with a voucher:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the ‘deposit’ tab on the top of your screen 
  3. If you have qualified for active bonuses these are displayed here
  4. Choose the ‘voucher’ option 
  5. Insert voucher code 
  6. Click ‘Next’

Once the voucher is validated the player will have the money credited to their account and they can start placing bets immediately.

How to deposit with Vodacom Mpesa:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the deposit tab on the top of the screen 
  3. Active bonuses will be displayed and the player can choose one bonus at a time 
  4. Click “Vodacom Mpesa” deposit option 
  5. Enter deposit amount (from MT 20 to max MT 10,000)
  6. Select your Mpesa number if you had previously added it
  7. Click Next

A confirmation prompt is sent to the player’s mobile number within 15 minutes. Players can view any pending transactions by dialing *150# then enter number 6 for payments and 9 for “Page pacil online”. Note that if the player does not receive a confirmation SMS within 15 minutes the transaction expires. 

How to withdraw winnings:

  1. Login to
  2. Click the ‘Withdrawals’ tab
  3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  4. Select mode of withdrawal – voucher or Mpesa 
  5. Click withdraw

For voucher withdrawals, the player will need to show their voucher code to any PremierBet agency or kiosk to get their cash. Once the player generates the voucher they have up to 7 days to withdraw the funds. Mpesa withdrawals are instant.  

Bonuses and Promotions

Players on the PremierBet Mozambique platform are in for a treat with a variety of bonuses and cash prizes. The company offers handsome daily and weekly promotions with minimum deposit limits. 

While PremierBet does not have a welcome bonus, new players can try their luck in a random draw to win an autographed Benfica T-shirt.

PremierBet is an official betting partner of SL Benfica and they give players an opportunity to connect to the club through an autographed T-Shirt.

Players interested in more fun can try out the fantasy football games from different leagues while still getting a chance to win handsome rewards.

Fantasy football is a set of mythical games that imitate real games with real results. Players place bets on the goals scored in each game. 

The Super6 is an exciting jackpot found on many PremierBet websites. The jackpot allows players to win up to MT 6,000,000 by predicting the right score in six selected games.

Players can win huge cash awards weekly, monthly and end-of-season. The weekly and monthly cash prizes are MT 60,000 while the end-of-season prize is MT 6,000,000. 

Players are in for a treat anytime there is an important international football fixture like the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Conference league.

Players can place low amount bets of up to MT 13 with minimum odds of 2.0 for a chance to win points. As the player rises along with the ranks they get a chance to win amazing cash prizes. 

PremierBet is not all about football, players can place bets in thrilling NBA games. NBA games tend to be fast-paced and what better way for the player to enjoy the game than with a handsome 10% bonus. 

To win this bonus the player needs to place 2 selections on any NBA game with odds of at least 1.50 per selection.

If a team in the selections wins then the player can increase their winnings by 10%. 

Players can win up to 750% in extra cash from 3 to 50 selections. The bonus is issued on a schedule that is published on the PremierBet website.

The bonuses are automatically added to the player’s betslip. 

PremierBet rewards its faithful customers through a loyalty program where they can win up to MT 750 weekly.

The promotion offers varying free bets in accordance with a schedule posted on their promotions page. 

This is the mother of all jackpots with a cash award of a massive MT 16,000,000. Players get a chance to win the grand cash prize when they correctly predict the outcome in 15 games.

All the player needs to enroll in the jackpot is to place a bet of as low as MT 32. Players who correctly predict the outcome of 13 matches also get to win a grand prize.  

Terms & Conditions

Every bonus and promotion is subject to specific terms and conditions set by the operator. We recommend all players to read up on these terms and conditions to be fully aware of the requirements set. These requirements range from validity to wagering requirements and are specific to a particular promotion.

Responsible Gambling

PremierBet Mozambique is committed to promoting responsible gambling through a variety of self-control limits, regulatory checks and gambling tips. The company reserves the right to request proof of age to ascertain that the player is over 18 years. 

To help players learn their gambling habits, PremierBet has a questionnaire that requires the player to respond in the affirmative in case of a betting addiction. 

  • Take time out of work or college to bet 
  • Whenever you lose money gambling, you end up lost and desperate
  • You lie on how much you spend on gambling 
  • You have lost interest in family, friends and hobbies
  • Gamble to the last penny 
  • Have been criticized by others on harmful gambling habits
  • Feel pressured or suicidal due to the game

To help players remain under control, PremierBet advises its players to gamble as a way of entertainment, avoid recouping losses, and to play only with what they can afford to lose. 

Personal self-control limits

Players who find themselves unable to control their gambling addiction can place upon themselves certain deposit, bet and loss limits. Once the player goes over the limit they have set they are unable to re-bet until the time applied expires. 

  • Deposit limit: The player decides how much to deposit within a day, week or month 
  • Loss Limit: Player limits the funds they can lose in 24 hours, weekly or monthly basis. 
  • Bet limit: Player sets how much funds they can place on bets in a day, week or montly basis
  • Time limit: Set the number of minutes spent on the betting platform

Self–Exclusion Policies

For players who have tried all the above and failed to control their gambling, they can contact the PremierBet customer care team for self-exclusion limits. Once players get into agreement with the PremierBet management to control their accounts they cannot reside the decision until the stipulated period is over. 

Some of the self-policies available include:

  • Day of self-exclusion 
  • One week of self-exclusion 
  • One month of self-exclusion 
  • A customized period defined by the player
  • Permanent termination of the account

Customer Support

The main way to get help on the PremierBet platform is via their informative help center. Players can get quick answers to FAQs like making deposits/withdrawals, placing bets, opening accounts among others. If the player needs more support they can send the company an email by filling out the contact form in the help section. 

Final words on PremierBet Mozambique

PremierBet Mozambique bread and butter is its impressive collection of top international football fixtures like the EPL, La Liga and Serie A. Players have various betting options at their disposal like live betting and cashouts. PremierBet has gone out of its way to offer players an array of handsome cash prizes and bonuses. The Super6 and jackpot 15 clearly stand out due to their massive payoffs of up to MT 6,000,000 and MT 16,000,000 respectively. The betting amounts are low which makes it affordable for a majority of the Mozambique population. 

PremierBet web interface is clean and easy to navigate. Players can make quick deposits through vouchers and Mpesa. While there is a lot on offer in terms of a large sportsbook, the company has yet to offer live casino games. The mobile app is also only available for download for Android phones.

PremierBet review by Joseph M.

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PremierBet Mozambique FAQ

  1. Visit PremierBet Mozambique website.
  2. Click on the Register button in the top right section of your screen.
  3. Fill in your personal information and click Register again.
  4. Once you have done this and your account is active you can make your first deposit and start betting.

The cash-out feature is an innovation that allows the player to opt-out of a bet before the game is over when they notice that things are not going as they planned. It helps players cut their losses and protect their winnings. Players need to watch out for games where the feature is activated as it is not in all games. 

For players who feel that their gambling is becoming out of control, they can execute various deposit/loss limits. Players can set daily, weekly, or monthly limits. Those who want a more proactive approach can request the company for various temporary/permanent self-exclusion limits. 

They can do so by heading to the help center for FAQs. PremierBet has responded to some key queries that players may encounter while using the platform. Players can also get additional information by sending the company an email through their contact form.

PremierBet Mozambique is licensed by the Mozambican General Gaming Inspectorate. The company is a legal entity and as such is required to follow various stipulated legislation in regards to filing their taxes and operation. PremierBet is also an international brand with subsidiaries across Africa. The company has partnered with the top mobile money company Vodacom to ensure player deposits/withdrawals are safe and secure. 



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