The House of Representatives Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs is setting the stage for a lively debate on betting age limits in Nigeria. Spurred by concerns over teenagers frequenting betting shops to make ends meet, the committee has decided to open the floor to the public for a comprehensive discussion.

At the helm is Hon. High Chief Canice Moore Chukwudozie Nwachukwu, representing Orlu/Orsu and Oru-East Federal Constituency of Imo state. He highlighted the pressing issue of underage betting as the catalyst for this initiative and emphasized the need for a balanced approach that acknowledges the benefits and pitfalls of betting without resorting to draconian measures.

“Nigeria isn’t about pulling the rug out from under the youth’s feet using force. We aim to strike a harmonious balance,” Hon. Canice articulated. He’s advocating for a thoughtful examination that weighs the socio-economic impact of betting on the younger population and the community at large.

With a nod to the youth’s entrepreneurial spirit in leveraging betting for livelihood, Hon. Canice is calling for sensible regulation rather than outright prohibition. “Let’s craft laws that not only protect but also respect our young bettors’ hustle,” he suggests, hoping to align with the populace’s sentiment.

This move revisits a previously unendorsed bill from the 9th Assembly under President Muhammadu Buhari, indicating a fresh attempt to address the nuanced issue of betting among the youth with legality and empathy.

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