It’s everyone’s dream to win a life-changing sum of money, however, achieving the dream resulted in chaos for one lucky bettor in Cameroon. According to reports, the unnamed man put down a relatively modest 200,000 CFA Franc bet ($350) with 1xBet, only for the wager to pay out big. The owed amount was a staggering 13 billion CFA Francs, the equivalent of $22 million. Overjoyed with his luck the bettor headed to the company offices to collect his winnings.

Upon his arrival at the offices, however, the situation started to turn ugly. Allegedly, 1xBet refused the payment. Instead, they offered him the smaller amount of 400 million CFA Francs ($687,000.) Feeling that he was being cheated the man refused the money, insisting that he was not leaving until he got what was owed. After a furious argument, an agreement could not be reached.

Cause for a Riot

Feeling that he had no other options the man returned home to report the situation to friends and neighbours.

Upon learning what had happened discontent soon spread, and it wasn’t long before the situation started to get out of control. A group stormed the 1xBet, one of many popular betting sites in Cameroon, offices with weapons looking for an explanation.

It isn’t clear if the payment was made, but what is clear is that the conflict turned violent. Reports now say that the local regulatory body is due to step in and investigate the situation.

This isn’t the only gambling-related tragedy unfolding in Africa. In Nigeria, an equally unfortunate situation unfolded, though under very different circumstances.

Suicide After Terrible Loss

In Pegi, Nigeria, a man only identified as Adegbite took his own life. Reports say that Adegbite was given N150,000 to pay work colleagues, though instead of doing his duty headed to a sportsbook. It is reported that he put down a series of bets hoping to strike it big, with the intention of paying his colleagues after the wagers succeeded.

The bets failed, meaning that Adegbite was left in a difficult situation. Seeing no way out, he ultimately decided to take his own life. A friend of the deceased, who chose to remain anonymous, said that he was saddened by the tragic turn of events. He explained that his friend’s body, hanging from a ceiling fan, had been discovered by neighbours.

The incident is being investigated by the Federal Capital Territory Police Command. 

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