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In the burgeoning field of online betting, integrity and trust are paramount. It is therefore with a sense of urgency that we, at Betting Companies Africa (BCA), bring to light a sophisticated scam targeting not only the Nigerian online betting community but also extending its nefarious reach across multiple African nations. This investigation aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the deceptive tactics employed, the regulatory response, and the broader implications for the online betting industry.

The Deceptive Tactics

Affiliates are often the first point of contact for many online betting platforms, making them prime targets for scammers. Our investigation revealed that these fraudulent individuals utilise various communication platforms, notably Skype, to approach affiliates under the guise of representing Melbet, a reputable sports betting website with multiple awards. The scammers share URLs that closely mimic the legitimate Melbet website, specifically using “mel-bet.ng” and “melbet-nigeria.com” as opposed to the authentic “melbet.ng”. It is crucial to note that the fraudulent websites are not merely URL variations; they are sophisticated replicas designed to emulate the genuine Melbet site, thereby deceiving even the vigilant observer.

Our team had a direct encounter with one such scammer, operating under the Skype profile name “Jazz”. This individual claimed affiliation with Melbet and solicited our participation in driving traffic to the counterfeit website. Several red flags were immediately apparent: a lack of brand knowledge, multiple instances of incorrect information, and an overall lack of professionalism.

Upon further verification with Melbet’s official team, our suspicions were confirmed. Alarmingly, our investigation with “Jazz” revealed that the scam is not confined to Nigeria. Counterfeit Melbet websites were also identified in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Morocco.

The affiliate manager imposter shared a long list of deceptive URLs claiming to belong to Melbet, taking part in fraudulent activity to deceive affiliates and players.

Official Warning from the NLRC

The National Lottery Regulatory Commission of Nigeria (NLRC) has also stepped in, issuing a public notice to alert the general public. The notice clearly states that Otrada Hospitality Limited, trading as Melbet, operates solely from https://melbet.ng. The NLRC warns that scammers have set up fake websites to impersonate Melbet and deceive unsuspecting Nigerians. This official warning adds another layer of credibility to our findings and serves as a stern reminder to always double-check before you click.

While these scams might seem like small potatoes, they have a ripple effect that tarnishes the reputation of legitimate operators like Melbet. It’s not just about the money lost; it’s about the trust that gets eroded in the process. And let’s not forget, these scams are a global issue affecting multiple African countries, not just Nigeria. The damage to Melbet’s brand could be far-reaching if these scams continue to proliferate.

melbet public notice

Confirmation from Melbet’s Official Team

In our quest for clarity, we reached out to Alexander Ezekiel, Country Manager for Nigeria at Melbet. Ezekiel confirmed the ongoing issue and had this to say:

They are fraudulent and people should be careful so as not to be scammed. We had newspapers publications on several newspapers indicating that the only approved site is melbet.ng and no other variations. We have all appropriate licenses to operate in Nigeria, with NLRC, with LSLGA and Oyo gaming board. And our correct sites are listed there.

Alexander Ezekiel, Melbet Country Manager

This direct communication with a verified Melbet representative not only clears up any confusion around the Melbet URL, but also confirms the challenge Melbet is facing with fraudulent groups. It also corroborates the NLRC’s official warning, reinforcing the need for vigilance among affiliates and players alike.

Ezekiel’s insights serve as a stern reminder to always verify the credentials of anyone claiming to represent betting sites. It’s not just about the money you could lose; it’s about safeguarding the trust and integrity of the online betting community. And it’s not the first time a market wide sports betting scam sweeps Nigeria as players and affiliates have to remain vigilant.

A Word of Caution

To all our Nigerian players and affiliates, especially those operating in the Nigerian market: keep your eyes peeled. Scammers are getting crafty, using real and licensed brands to make a quick buck. Always double-check URLs and verify the credentials of anyone claiming to represent Nigerian betting sites. And for players and affiliates in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, and other African countries, this warning goes out to you as well. Stay sharp; these scammers are casting a wide net.

In a world where the next bet could be your ticket to glory, don’t let scammers steal your spotlight. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and most importantly, keep enjoying the game—safely and responsibly. Remember, scams like these not only rob you of your hard-earned money but also rob you of the joy and excitement that come with online betting. Don’t give them that power.

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