For global sports betting operator Betway, safe and responsible gambling is the key to success. And compliance with local regulations forms an important part of this commitment to the betting industry. 

For this reason, Betway recently expanded its existing partnership with the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG). The new partnership includes its business on the African continent and will cover latest news of African betting sites.

The expanded collaboration will allow Betway to roll out GiG’s “Comply” compliance tool to its African affiliates and partners. 

About GiG Comply

GiG Comply works by scanning websites using a compliance-focused tool for setting certain criteria and perimeters. What makes it so effective on a global scale is that it can be customized. It’s able to link up with local legislation wherever in the world it happens to be applied. 

For gambling and betting operators, this means full compliance and peace of mind. 

The tool does the same with local advertising and marketing standards and regulations. It does this in a completely brand-applicable manner based on the customizations set up by the operator. 

For Betway, this will mean safety and compliance with the rules and regulations across countries in Africa. 

Safety a Key Focus for Betway

As previously mentioned, Betway is an operator that values the safety and responsible gambling. 

According to Chad Bates, Betway’s Head of Marketing in Africa, the extended collaboration with GiG has created a new opportunity. Now, the operator can become even more of a global leader in responsible gambling and betting, and in particular, compliance and a fair-play. 

However, Betway’s commitment to compliance and social responsibility far exceeds the use of compliance tools such as GiG’s. The betting giant recently signed a working agreement with the Sports Writers Association of Ghana. The collaboration will reportedly focus on the creation of a series of educational programs focused on fair and safe gambling. 

With Africa now a focus market for Betway, they’re an operator moving in the right direction with endeavours such as these. 

The Betway group describes itself as a company at the very forefront of the online gambling and betting industry. As such, it’s interested in making use of only the very latest and cutting-edge technology for providing entertainment in a safe, reliable, and secure environment.

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