Tanzania’s gaming market is on a thrilling ride, projected to grow at a lively 10.6% CAGR from 2023 to 2029. Thanks to government efforts to spread the internet’s web into rural Tanzania with shiny new fibre-optic infrastructure and a burgeoning youth population (hello, 27.7 million young folks by 2030!), the future’s looking bright and busy for gaming in Tanzania.

Before COVID-19, Tanzania’s gaming scene was booming with more sports betting stations, mobile money subscriptions, and internet users. But then, along came 2020 with the pandemic, putting a bit of a damper on retail sports betting as public places had to shut down. Thankfully, it bounced back once the restrictions eased up.

Smartphones, Sports, and Spikes in Betting

The gaming market got a kick from the smartphone revolution and high internet penetration. Big sports events, like the Qatar FIFA World Cup and Tunisia Ligue Profession Nelle 1, also played their part. Plus, the sports betting industry got a leg up with more betting shops popping up, especially in Dar Es Salaam.

In 2021, the World Bank stepped in with a hefty $150 million in support for Tanzania’s Digital Dreams project. The goal? To connect every citizen, rural folks included, to affordable, top-notch internet.

Vodacom’s Big Bet on Rural Connectivity

Vodacom Tanzania is throwing a cool US$10 million to lay down fibre-optic cables in the countryside. They’re all in to boost internet connectivity, which is excellent news for the gaming market. 

And the government’s not sitting back either – they’re aiming for 80% of the population to be digitally connected by 2025, laying down a whopping 15,000 km of optical fibre.

What’s Hot in the Market

When it comes to types of gaming, sports betting is where it’s at. Tanzanians love their sports, especially football and cricket, and they’re super keen on local and international leagues.

In the tussle between land-based betting shops and online betting sites in Tanzania. Land-based betting has been king in 2022, primarily due to internet access being a bit of a luxury, particularly in rural areas. But watch this space – online channels are set to explode, with heavy-duty ad campaigns everywhere, from bus stands to radio stations, newspapers, and social media. 

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