Takealot, South Africa’s top dog in online sports retail, is joining forces with SuperSport Schools. This partnership is a big deal for school sports and rising stars. Takealot’s boss, Frederik Zietsman, is all about the magic of sports in bringing people together. They’re not just selling sports gear; they’re reaching out to young athletes, fans, and local communities.

Takealot’s not playing around when it comes to sports. Their growth in the Sports category has been nothing short of impressive. They’ve got everything from sports kits to high-tech health gadgets, boasting 30,000 items.

Shared Passion for School Sports

Kelvin Watt, the head honcho at SuperSport Schools, is over the moon about teaming up with Takealot. They’re on the same page about the benefits of sports for kids, like boosting confidence and teaching teamwork. SuperSport Schools is keen to put school sports talent on the map and can’t wait to see where this partnership leads.

With an impressive 672,483 app subscribers and over 121 million live views in 2023, SuperSport Schools is a big deal. They’ve got 41 sports on the go, over 1000 school events, and provide a stage for more than 14,500 teams from all walks of life. Families and friends can cheer on their teams from anywhere in South Africa, thanks to the SuperSport Schools App and DStv Channel 216.

This partnership isn’t just a handshake. Takealot’s branding will be all over SuperSport Schools channels, and they’ll even team up for special events and festivals. Zietsman is keen to remind everyone that this is just the start of Takealot’s journey in supporting and growing sports in South Africa.

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