As Kenya’s sports federations face a critical moment, Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba has issued a stark warning. With the Sports Act 2013 set for significant revisions, his message was clear: Align with upcoming policy changes or prepare for stringent action. This crucial announcement was made at a key meeting with sports federation representatives in Nairobi.

This crucial gathering at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Upper Hill, Nairobi, wasn’t just another meet-and-greet. Namwamba used this platform to address pressing issues in the sports sector, setting a serious tone for the future of sports governance in Kenya.

“Why is it so difficult to follow the law?” Namwamba questioned. He emphasized the importance of adhering to the Sports Act and respecting the Kenyan constitution. His warning was stern: Federations flouting the law would attract strict measures.

Tackling International Influence

Addressing the tendency of some federations to hide behind international sports bodies, Namwamba revealed his direct communications with global federations like FIFA. He’s determined to ensure that Kenyan sports align with both local and international standards.

Namwamba also stressed the need for federation heads to honor their term limits. Drawing parallels with the country’s presidential terms, he highlighted the need for fresh leadership to maintain the integrity of sports management.

He humorously noted that some officials have remained in power through several presidential eras, from Daniel Moi to William Ruto. His concluding remarks hinted at a need for change and rejuvenation in sports federation leadership.

Upcoming Policy Revisions

The review process for the Sports Policy and Sports Act is underway. Expected to be ready by July, these revisions aim to address governance issues and improve grassroots sports development. The proposed changes will be discussed in Parliament, marking a significant step in refining the sports landscape in Kenya.

Through these initiatives, Namwamba is advocating for a transparent, accountable, and dynamic sports environment in Kenya. His leadership marks a pivotal turn in addressing longstanding issues and paving the way for a more robust and fair sports sector.

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