NLGRB and ITHUBA UGANDA Reinforce Commitment to Fair Lottery Play

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The National Lotteries and Gambling Regulatory Board (NLGRB) and ITHUBA UGANDA have reiterated their commitment to uphold integrity, fairness, and transparency in all lottery operations throughout Uganda. This announcement underscores their ongoing efforts to ensure fair play and clear operations in the nation’s lottery systems.

Together, the NLGRB and ITHUBA UGANDA aim to employ state-of-the-art technology alongside stringent regulatory measures to guarantee that all lottery draws are conducted ethically, with every ticket having an equal opportunity to win. The regulatory processes to be implemented will be transparent and accessible, designed to instil unwavering confidence in the fairness of the games among players nationwide.

The collaboration is rooted in a shared ethos of ethical lottery management and a mutual commitment to adhere to and surpass global standards in the gaming industry. The organizations are focused on the continual enhancement of their operations and adopting innovative practices to boost the security and reliability of lottery games. This approach aims to reflect their dedication to honesty, integrity, and social responsibility in all facets of their operations.

A representative emphasized the importance of trust and loyalty from their players, stating, “We understand that the foundation of our success lies in the trust and loyalty of our players. It is a treasure that we are committed to safeguarding THROUGH our actions and policies. We are not just in the business of lottery and gambling; we are in the business of building lasting relationships based on trust. This commitment to integrity is our promise to Uganda – to provide a gaming environment that is not only entertaining but also secure, fair, and transparent.”

The NLGRB and ITHUBA UGANDA have called on players, stakeholders, and the public to maintain their trust in this partnership, highlighting vigilance, transparency, and dedication as the cornerstones of their collaborative efforts.

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