Renowned Ghanaian journalist Bridget Otoo has openly expressed her skepticism towards Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s recent declarations to abolish a series of taxes, sparking a debate on the feasibility of such promises.

Otoo pointed out the apparent contradiction in Dr. Bawumia’s stance from his days in opposition to his current position in government. She recalled how Dr. Bawumia, who once criticized the taxation of mobile money transactions, became a proponent of the E-levy upon assuming office. This change, according to Otoo, casts doubt on his latest promises to remove the E-levy, betting tax, and other levies, including the newly introduced emission levy.

Utilizing her social media platform, Otoo didn’t mince words: “The man who said it is wrong to tax momo in opposition supported the taxation of momo with the introduction of e-levy. Today he says he would not tax Bet. I hope you know what it means #BawuliarSpeaks,” she remarked, coining a hashtag that subtly questions the credibility of Dr. Bawumia’s commitments.

During a lecture on February 7, 2024, Dr. Bawumia unveiled his intention to scrap a range of taxes, including those on electronic transactions, betting, and emissions. He argued that eliminating the E-levy is a step forward towards realizing a cashless economy and also promised to abolish the emissions tax and the 15% tax on electricity by 2025, painting a picture of significant tax reforms on the horizon.

Public Sentiment: Hopeful Yet Skeptical

The reaction from the Ghanaian public to Dr. Bawumia’s pledges has been mixed. Some view the announcement with optimism, hopeful for relief from what they see as burdensome taxes. However, a considerable segment of the population remains skeptical, disillusioned by unmet promises and underwhelmed by Dr. Bawumia’s performance as vice president. 

This group questions whether these tax cuts are practically achievable or merely political rhetoric aimed at garnering support.

As the debate continues, the Ghanaian public awaits concrete action that matches the ambitious promises made by their Vice President, with many looking to see if these proposed tax cuts will materialize into tangible benefits for the average citizen.

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