Ethiopia is making waves with its $250 million Project Mano, aiming to transform its economy using renewable energy. This ambitious initiative focuses on Bitcoin mining and AI development. Meanwhile, Zambia admires Ethiopia’s telecom sector’s growth, seeing it as a blueprint for its own tech evolution. This collaboration signals a robust and innovative future for Africa.

Ethiopia’s Project Mano is a game-changer. Leveraging the country’s vast renewable resources, it plans to build a top-tier Bitcoin mining and AI data centre. This isn’t just a tech upgrade; it’s a strategic move to boost Ethiopia’s GDP by billions annually. Ethiopia’s journey from an agrarian society to a tech hub is on the horizon, promising a significant economic uplift.

Zambia’s Tech Ambitions

Zambia, inspired by Ethiopia’s tech strides, is ready to jump on the tech bandwagon. Felix Mutati, Zambia’s tech minister, sees this as a chance to boost Zambia’s digital capabilities and foster African unity. This shared vision of technological empowerment could pave the way for a stronger, more interconnected Africa.

As Ethiopia and Zambia look forward, the past still echoes. The family of Dedan Kimathi, a legendary Mau Mau fighter, seeks closure by locating his remains. This plea, led by his daughter Wanjugu Kimathi, highlights the need to reconcile with history and honour national heroes. As time passes, this call grows more urgent, resonating with many in Kenya and beyond.

Project Mano represents Ethiopia’s bold step towards a tech-driven future, setting a standard for Africa. As Ethiopia forges ahead, Zambia’s eagerness to follow suit exemplifies the potential for continental progress through technology. This blend of innovation, collaboration, and respect for the past sketches a promising outline for Africa’s journey into the future.

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