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GR8 Tech has been around since 1994, acting as a tech-focused solution for the gambling market. Parimatch has been a GR8 Tech subsidiary for as long. The Parimatch Platform has been a staple of gambling since its initial launch. The platform forms the backbone of many major gambling organisations. The company itself is also a firm supporter of responsible gambling.

As of January 2023, Parimatch has been folded into its parent company. This means that GR8 Tech is now a corporate conglomerate that includes Parimatch. According to a spokesperson, the newly formed GR8 Tech is stronger, bigger, and more versatile than it’s ever been. How the world responds to this change is still unknown, but the company is presenting the change as the start of a new era.

Moving Forward Into A New Era

Maksym Liashko is the ex-CEO of Parimatch. He commented on the merger, saying that it’s a new dawn for the respected corporation. He explained that he spent much of 2022 preparing for the change, and celebrated seeing the merger go ahead. He added that the new GR8 Tech is a more versatile version of the same company.

The current CEO of GR8 Tech, Evgen Belousov, shared thoughts of his own. He first emphasised that the new GR8 Tech is ready to tackle the future. He then elaborated that his company aims to stand apart in a saturated market, putting dedication above all else. He continued that although iGaming has competition, most other companies lack consistency. He concluded that GR8 Tech is pushing ahead and ready to take the industry to the next level.

A Long Road For GR8 Tech

GR8 Tech is officially a new entity but has technically been around for decades. The corporation opened its doors in 1994, simultaneously launching the Parimatch brand. Since its launch, Parimatch took the world by storm. Many major organisations use the Parimatch Platform as the core of their technological empire.

Now Parimatch has finally gotten absorbed into its parent once and for all. This doesn’t mean the end of Parimatch, but it does mean that the years of expertise of both companies have come together.

GR8 Tech was present at the ICE London convention. Many clients spoke to the CEO at the event, seeming to indicate that a bright future lies ahead for the company. The iGaming world, including the growing African betting market, will be watching to see where GR8 Tech goes from here.

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