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The Gaming Control Board of Eswatini is taking action against the alleged illegal operation of the betting website 8Bet within the country. The board contends that 8Bet launched its site without proper authorization, despite the fact that the site was already active at the time of the announcement. 8Bet offers betting services across a wide range of major sports.

The Gaming Control Board has issued a stern warning to the public, cautioning that participating in betting activities with 8Bet would constitute a violation of Eswatini’s laws. Specifically, engaging with 8Bet would contravene Section 3 (1) (a) of the Gaming Control Act of 2002, which states that individuals should only partake in gaming or betting activities with licensed betting sites with the necessary permission.

Official Statement from the Board

The Gaming Control Board, exercising its regulatory authority, has advised the public against participating in any form of gaming with 8Bet. The board is taking immediate measures to rectify the situation and is committed to uncovering the circumstances surrounding this violation.

Betting in Eswatini

Similar to many other African nations, sports betting is a widely popular activity in Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). It attracts both local punters and tourists who enjoy participating in this form of entertainment. The government, through the Gaming Control Board, regulates and oversees the industry to ensure compliance with established laws and regulations.

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