At first glance, Spin and Win may seem like any other digital online roulette game. It is, after all, based on essentially the same software as other online roulette games.

It uses an RNG, or random number generator, to produce chances. It has CGI visuals and an interface, and everything is completely automated by the software. Generally, the only human involvement is the players themselves.

What makes Spin and Win exciting and different, however, is its unique and special features. This virtual betting game allows for an unlimited number of players, in non-stop, round-the-clock gameplay. 

Spin and Win, and other virtual betting simulation games like it, are part of a growing trend in the online casino industry. In online sports betting, virtual sports games are likewise creating new opportunities for greater wins for players, as well as greater revenue for casinos and sportsbooks. 

Made to cater to the African Market, Spin and Win provides a prototype for other virtual betting games and software developers to follow. The game is part of a suite of virtual sport and betting games released by BetConstruct, numbering nine in total. The Armenian-based software developer has firmly cemented itself as a lead supplier of virtual betting software in Africa and are notably ahead of the game.

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