In an almost cinematic twist of fate, Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa of the Johanne Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Sect in Zimbabwe recently hit a jackpot, winning a whopping $30,000.

Mutumwa claims his windfall wasn’t due to luck but divine intervention, saying God gave him the “winning formula.”

Blessed Winnings Turn Bittersweet

However, the Archbishop’s celebration was short-lived. Shortly after his victory, he found himself banned from several casinos across Zimbabwe. Casino bosses, perhaps unnerved by the possibility of heavenly help, decided to exclude him, fearing financial ruin if he continued to play—and win.

“They fear they will go bankrupt because I will win too often,” explained Mutumwa, who seemed unfazed by the earthly establishments’ lack of faith in his divine edge.

Rather than splurging on luxuries, the Archbishop used his casino gains for philanthropy within his community. He paid school fees for some of his church members and provided seed money for their business ventures, turning his contested win into a communal blessing.

A Test of Faith, Not Luck

Addressing his critics head-on, Mutumwa argued that his gambling success was a test of faith rather than a stroke of luck. “I prayed for guidance and the Lord provided the numbers through a vision. Isn’t it a blessing to use these winnings to uplift my congregation?” he reflected, challenging the conventional views on gambling.

A local casino manager shed light on the practice of restricting or closing accounts of consistently winning patrons, hinting that Mutumwa’s ban was more about protecting business than punishing prophecy.

As the story unfolds, the Archbishop remains a controversial figure, straddling the fine line between faith-led fortune and the fickle fates of gambling. Whether divine decree or daring luck, Mutumwa’s story adds a spiritual spin to the stakes of high-rolling.

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